Monday, April 20, 2015

What was it like for this Nigerian artist to meet Jay-Z? 7 Things I learned from Ice Prince's Power 105 interview

Last week,  one of the most biggest artist to come out of Africa -  Ice Prince stopped by POWER 105 in New York  for an interesting interview. The Nigerian artist dished on a number of topics ranging from his meeting with Jay Z, potentially working with Roc Nation and much more with the popular morning show team.

Check out the highlights from the interview....

Who would compare himself to in the States
I hate to do that, I hate to come up with those scenarios. I would say the Ice Prince of the world. It's hard for me to put myself with someone out here.

Radio host Charlemagne said that an industry executive noted Ice is more like  the "Drake or Kendrick.." of Africa

What's his relationship with Roc Nation?
We have a very healthy relationship. We are in talks, we are having serious conversations

Meeting with Jay-Z last week
I met up with Hov and it was the moment of my life.... meeting such an idol. It was in New York here at the Roc Nation office. Bee High (Jay Z's cousin and Roc Nation executive)  brought me to the office and introduced me to Jay and told him who I was. It was a very decent conversation. And he said to me that I am a 'great man' and that is something that I will never forget. It was quite interesting.

On breaking through in America
America is starting to open up to other genres of music. I see reggae music poppin out here and that's dope. I see some of the UK artists are popping out here and that's dope. I think Africans need to get that ear too.

On working with Wale
I have done a record with him before, he is a big dog that holds us down out here. He's been repping for a long time

On leaving Nigeria to get more recognition
I have never had to leave. I still live in Nigeria, I just travel a lot. Because Nigerian music has gotten to a point where it's really blown now. It's a huge market. Artists are startling to make a lot of money from the business. There are a lot more corporations getting involved, so the market is getting bigger every day. .......

It seems you guys (artist) support each other in Nigeria, is it really all love?
Hell yeah it's all love. We love to see each other successful. So if Meek Mill throws a tweet at Davido the whole of Nigeria is excited about it

Check out the whole interview below where Ice discusses his upbringing, Boko Haram and why travels with such a huge security detail!


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