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#MCM: Exclusive Interview with Arthur Evans

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Arthur Evans, Zimbabwe’s Acing Voice 

I recently wrote a cool piece on this Zimbabwean MC/Entrepreneur. In between his journey on SABC 3’s Presenter Search, being a father and husband, we managed to squeeze sometime to quickly chat on life in general. We talk Passion, Xenophobia, the future and acing it. 

Gilmore Tee: The young Arthur Evans dreamt of ….
Arthur: … being a great architect or a world soccer star. I believed that great things were in store for me. I'm still gripped by infrastructural design and I am a Manchester United fan. 

Gilmore Tee: Fast forwarding a few years later, how far or close are your dreams from when you were young? 

Arthur: I am still far from where I want to be on the international stage. I feel that I am ready for the global stage as I have working hard at refining my gift. 

Gilmore Tee: You made it all the way to the Top 30 of SABC 3s Presenter Search out of thousands of potentials, what drove you to enter? 

Arthur: My wife told me about it and for two weeks she insisted that I enter but I ignored her thinking that although I had what it took, it was a far shot.  As much as it is not common in my life, I had negative train of thoughts. It's only when two random friends messaged me and told me that I should enter did I realise that perhaps there was a greater power behind this and I still think that God is working something out for me. It’s only after three weeks that I finally submitted my entry form. 

Gilmore Tee: I would like to know the journey on Presenter search, from when you decided to apply and making the Top 30.
Arthur: After applying I began putting extra effort at the gym, just in case the judges wanted to see a six pack which they often are curious about but not bent on finding. About three weeks before the audition I prepared my link. On Saturday the 7th of March I got to Bidvest Wanderers Cricket Stadium at about 6am and then only went to the first audition 8.5 hours later.  I had great company in the form of my newest friends, Tumi, Candice, Danny, Ziphozakhe and Busi - we call ourselves the originals. I went straight through to the first two camera rounds and then had to wait for TWO DAYS to get confirmation that I had made it to the "call-backs" where the Joburg Top 9 were chosen. I actually slipped in my link, but I managed to fill in and finish strong. The end is not shown online but my recovery is, you have to look closely though.

Gilmore Tee: You are very popular with the ladies, do you think your charming being contributed to your journey in the competition or?
Arthur: Huh, thank you. I wish that was the case but in the first audition I had to present to three male judges, that was maybe the hardest stages of them all. They were very impressed and advanced me to the camera round. In general, good looks don't help always; it is not like people will be falling by the wayside. LOL

Gilmore Tee: How do you feel about the journey you have travelled so far?
Arthur: I am so excited because I was part of approximately 0.06% of people that got to the stage I got to. The interest in me is also great and regional bookings are on the cards. I'm not down in the dumps but instead I am extremely excited about my future as an MC, TV host and voice over artist, more than ever before.

Gilmore Tee: Working with Jeannie D and Bonang Matheba, you gotta share that experience with us.
Arthur: They are extremely professional but down to earth and they all have great humour. They are all business when on the job and beyond the official meetings we were not allowed access to them. Jeannie D is the best of everything, Phat Joe is no joke, and Bonang arrests you with her gaze.

Gilmore Tee: Seeing that you are no more in the running on Presenter Search, who are you rooting for & why?
Arthur: The 'Jozi Family' members of course - I am especially proud of Leon's growth. Mishka is a class act and Sanda is exceptionally talented and I think he would be a great Expresso addition. All the 11 finalists, they have a difficult period ahead of them but it will be worth it.

Gilmore Tee: You are not new in the hosting and TV presenting, what did you pick from the competition & where are you headed from here?
Arthur: The level of professionalism is incredible and I have raised my personal bar as a result. From here new horizons and challenges await. I have nothing concrete yet but I will be flying the Zimbabwean and African banner higher, whatever happens.

Gilmore Tee: I am a young person, watching every step you have been taking, what would you want me to grasp from you?
Arthur: Set high standards for yourself. Until you reach your benchmark goals don't be satisfied. Pursue it with humility, passion, take criticism and don't let praise make you complacent. I am my biggest fan AND biggest critic - do the same!

Gilmore Tee: Where will you be acing it in 5 years from now?
Arthur: A household name with an international presence and being considered to host my biggest event ever, an international awards show.

Gilmore Tee: The world …
Arthur: … needs your gift/talent so nurture it relentlessly and with passion. The world will gladly pull you down, spit in your face and celebrate you like nothing happened but thankfully its redeeming grace is that the world is always changing. As it changes, find your niche and ACE it so that we can say....#YouACEdit

Gilmore Tee: Africa is…
Arthur: … NOT THE DARK CONTINENT! We have switched on the lights and we're getting brighter. We are an unstoppable force that cannot be avoided. Africa is the home of the modern pioneer, entrepreneur, global star and above all hope to its people.

Gilmore Tee: My strength comes from …
Arthur: … past hurts, positive outlook, lack in the past and most of all an amazing support base - thank you to all my family and close friends. A special thank you to everyone that has supported me during the Presenter Search and before - you keep me going, hoping and believing.

Gilmore Tee: Xenophobia is …
Arthur: … a lie within itself and mirrors racism. We cannot become the things that we hate and xenophobia is a trap for that. Is must stop - "You cannot solve a problem at same level at which it was created" - Albert Einstein.

You can get hold of me on …
Twitter using the handle @ArthurACEEvans  #YouACEdit.
On Facebook: / ArthurACEPresenter.
For bookings and enquiries:
Arthur Evans: “Remember, there are many cards in the pack but there's only one ACE in the pack! “

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