Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Funny or Offensive to African Americans? South African comedian Trevor Noah on Jay Leno

Hilarious South African comedian Trevor Noah was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno recently and his brief stint on the show has tongues wagging. Trevor hit a few hot buttons during his stand up by saying the following things about black folks in America:

"America has the credit rating of a black man"

"..It's funny that you guys call them African Americans, which is funny cause they are not actually African"

Hmmm peep the rest of the video below and tell me if you think his stand up is funny or offensive?



  1. But on the other hand, comedians are not always politcally correct. You get American comedians making 'offensive' jokes about Africans. The coin has just been turned here.

  2. I hear you Lungi! But just because the American comedians do it, doesn't make it right. I posted this on Facebook and I got over 45 comments on this topic. Folks were heated and most of them agreed with you!


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