Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sh*t that Americans say to Africans

So by now I am sure you have caught wind of the online parodies that ridicule the stupid questions that people often ask one another. My favorite is Sh*t that White Girls Say...to Black Girls

In honor of those parodies, please check out my list of S*ht that Americans say to Africans:

1.       Your English is so good..when did you learn the language?

2.       When did you start wearing regular clothes?

3.       How did you get to America? Like  a boat or a bus? I’m confused..

4.       Who is the President of Africa?

5.       So like, did you have any pet lions growing up? Oh what about monkeys? I’ve seen those on the Discovery Channel before..

6.       African booty scratcher..

7.       How do I pronounce your name again?

8.       This is my African friend Makho..

9.       You know, don’t take this the wrong way..but you really don’t look like an African

10.   I usually don’t get along with Africans but you are not like the other African people

11.   Is it true that all Nigerians are crooks?

12.   What part of Nigeria are you from?

13.   Do you speak Swahili?

14.   So did you enjoy living in a hut in Africa?

15.    I have African friend called ----do you know her?

16.   Is it safe to go to Africa?

17.   Is it safe for white people to go to Africa?

Did I miss anymore dumb a** statements? Which ones would you like to add to the list?


  1. I like the introduction one Makho, brilliant. Its the same in Europe, very daft and you always wonder what is taught at school

  2. lol, No offense to American friends but I have been asked 90% of those questions including this one:

    Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Africa?

  3. Celebrate Thanksgiving in Africa? oh man..sometimes you just have to laugh about these things!


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