Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is this Michael Kors ad Insensitive? Racist? Or Much Ado About Nothing?

Another day, another controversy..

Designer Micheal Kors is being labeled a racist by some for his new ad featuring super stylish white people on safari and black people being used as the props or extras in the photographs. Folks are up in arms claiming the ads reflect the fashion industry's need to produce images with "imperialistic undertones". Someone even wrote on Facebook "Colonialistic, imperialistic and a statement of the continuing mindset of black vs. white. So what else is new?"

Hmm interesting...what do you think? Insensitive? Racist? Or Much Ado About Nothing?


  1. I mean is this pic a lie...not at all. This is what happens. Because hey, rich white folks like to go on Safari too.

    Is this what he should have chosen to show in this ad, hmm, he could have made better choices....but hey, I like it.

    This is just much ado about nothing really...everything is not racially driven.


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