Monday, October 5, 2015

What the critics are saying about Janet Jackson's "Unbreakable" album

It's been seven long LONG  years since Janet Jackson's last album. For fans like me that's pretty much an eternity. Since then we've  seen many imitators or admirers channeling the pop icon but no one even comes close to taking the throne. "Unbreakable" her new album seems to be a solid hit with fans and critics - the album projections have it landing at no. 1 this upcoming week.

According to Hits Daily Double  

Janet Jackson  is set to sell  90-105k (physical sales), 93-108k (including streaming)

Let's put this perspective, Tamar released her album on the same day, look at her sales!

Tamar Braxton (Epic) 38-43k (physical sales), 42-47k (including streaming)

Yikes! I really like Tamar's album too but I suppose there can be only 1 diva at the top.

So what are the critics saying about Janet's "Unbreakable" album? Read below for some of the critiques:

New York Times
For most of “Unbreakable,” she plays big sister — someone who’s happily in love, willing to offer advice and wishing for a better world. It’s a benign role but a modest one, reinforced by the music.

The Atlantic
"The interplay between moony optimism and the weariness of a 49-year-old pop star who’s fought huge obstacles—the famously tough showbiz parenting of the Jackson family, two divorces, one big Super Bowl scandal, and the sudden death of the iconic brother she deeply loved—is what makes Unbreakable more fascinating than most would-be comeback albums for one-time chart-toppers."

Time Magazine
"Part of the joy of Unbreakable comes from the effortless way that it bridges the gap between new and old"

Spin Magazine
Thank goodness the gang — Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, and Ms. J — are back together again. All three produce the entire album, with help here and there from Dem Jointz (who helmed the highlight “Genocide,” among other tracks, on Dr. Dre’s Compton). For all the she-can’t-sing criticisms that have dogged her career, I actually prefer Janet’s vocals powder-soft like they are on “Black Eagle.” On Unbreakable she occasionally drops her register on a song like the shuffling “The Great Forever,” where the result sounds so much like Michael that it’s unsettling and kinda creepy. Mostly, the trio keep it super funky throughout, but at the family reunion does drag on just a couple songs too long.

Clocking in at over an hour, it’s a classy work which doesn’t try to reinvent its star, so much as give her a space in which to shimmer, simmer and occasionally simper her way through a surprisingly subtle and inventive spectrum of musical moods.

Pop Matters
With iconic albums like Control and The Velvet Rope ensuring her status as a legend, Janet Jackon owes us nothing. The fact that she took the time to give us a document as fascinating and damn-near satisfying as Unbreakable is nothing short of a minor miracle, proving that maybe she was right all along: this really is all for you.

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