Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Top five things to do in Bulawayo!

At times we are tasked to do some work that at that particular moment you do not find inspiration
to start even writing a line about anything. This is one of those times, when I am just flooded with
lots of things to talk about, but I can’t seem to just pick one important topic to write on. While we
are at it, I am going to list one of my top 5 most favourite things to do or to have while in Bulawayo.
National Gallery

1) I am an arty person and one of my favourite places in Zimbabwe is the National Gallery
in Bulawayo, every time I get into that place I end up spending more time than initially

This place is one that you go to, to wind up and get to appreciate creatives and
their works.

2) I am a big fan of the Homemade Lemonade from the Dickies Coffee Shop, formerly known as
Art Grove. Of course there is a few things that I think went away with the old management,
a lot, but I still appreciate the fact that the lemonade remained behind. Set in the heart of
The National Gallery Building in the hustling city of Bulawayo, Dickies Coffee Shop provides
the ideal ‘hideout’ from the chaos and associated stress that is having a huge impact on the
lives of most Zimbabweans, regardless of colour, age or social standing.

3) While everything else might seem a little fancy, one thing that one should never miss when
you visit Bulawayo, is to have a packet of hot chips or fries from Royal Sunflower. That place is the bomb, if I must say. I clearly remember growing up to the greasy oil of Royal Sunflower chips, till now the place stands firm. A packet of hot chips or fries from this place will rub you
the right way, they are heaven!

4) In the heart of Bulawayo is a little book shop that is located on Fife Street/12th
Vigne Book Shop. Inside is a library that has all these astounding novels that will move you
and mountains too. Maybe I am a little bit stuck up, but the small library is one of those
hidden places that stock all the latest books in town. When I was 14 years old and in High
school, my friends and I used to pass through every Wednesday to get books from there. A
good source of literature inspiration.

5) Growing up, I fell in love with Mpopoma Suburb, the place that produced Zimbabwean
Poet – Albert Nyathi, Fashion Designer – Shadow By Sidumiso and a whole lot of prominent
figures in the country. I grew up in Mpopoma, a place that holds so much memory of my
journey. Every time I have lots of things running through my tiny head, I always get away
there. There is a park I usually chill at and it is refreshing with legit fresh air. When walking
at night, different music from different pubs in the area will bring an uncontrollable smile
on your face. It’s one of the oldest suburbs in the City of Bulawayo; one should take time to
embrace what it has to offer.

There we have it guys, while I am working on an interesting interview you will all read about soon.
I thought I should highlight some of my favourite places, food and things to do in my City of Kings.
Please do tell me your favourite 5 things to do and let us be caring.

Pass on your feedback on Twitter: @GilmoreTee | #OTNGtee and let’s keep it going.


  1. Right? I have never tasted a more delicious combo of chips and sausage!

  2. in no particular order

    747 for nyama
    26 on park for some great food/drinks and chill environment
    amakhosi cultural center
    chipangali (haven't been there, but definitely childhood favorite)
    horizon's rooftop during the day

    1. :p I like Amakhosi too, i had a nice weird time there sometime back. :-)


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