Thursday, March 6, 2014

What happened when I tried the 3 day master cleanse diet!

This past Monday I decided to challenge myself by trying the infamous master cleanse diet. I've always wanted to do it but the thought of giving up food has always sounded PREPOSTEROUS! #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

But after reading about it and researching it, I decided to give it a go. This diet is allegedly what helped Beyonce drop weight during her 'Dreamgirls' days. Here's what she was quoted as saying at the time "I lived on water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days. It was tough; everyone was eating and I was dying." But, in two weeks she reportedly lost 20 pounds. TWENTY! I was willing to try it!

Because I know myself very well, I knew off the bat that there was no way on God's green earth that I could do 14 days. No damn way. So I decided to shoot for 3 days. 

Y'all this thing ain't no joke, here are 5 things I discovered while doing the cleanse

1. Giving up food is REALLY hard

Hello Captain Obvious! Getting through the detox is really all about mental strength. On Monday afternoon around 1pm, I almost broke down at the thought of just drinking lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for the next 3 days. I almost said eff and the thought crossed my mind to have me a big ole juicy, mouthwatering and delectable burger but I decided instead to keep going. Food was not winning this round. All that fun food was what got me here in the first place, I was determined to fight it till the very end. 

2. You will crave food!
It's totally normal. As a matter of fact I read online that its ok to have a few (4 or 5) grapes or veggies but if you really want to achieve results you aren't supposed to eat anything at all. The point is to cleanse your body of toxins & lose weight simultaneously.  


Doing the cleanse gave me an unexpected boost of energy. I woke up
hungry a few times but overall I felt really awesome. I suppose sometimes we forget just how many toxins we have stored in our body. For the boost of energy alone I would do the cleanse again!

4. Research
Because this was a last minute decision (I decided on Sunday night) I didn't hit up my Google search bar like I should have. What I skipped was the ease in & ease out phase of the diet. I just literally shocked my system by eating rice, chicken and drinking copious amounts of wine on Sun and then just diving into the lemon mix on Mon. Don't do that! Ease your body into the cleanse by maybe drinking soups or water the day before the cleanse and during the ease out phase just relying on fruits & veggies to get your body to re-adjust to food. But don't take my word for it! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! And of course talk to your Doctor before you decide to try it.

5. So did I lose any weight?!??!?
Chile! I lost 5lbs in total. Mon and Tuesday were great right? I drank my lemon mix & your girl was super focused. But Wed came  and that same steel resolve and laser focus vanished into thin air. I wanted greasy french fries and I wanted them NOW. To be honest with you, I ended up eating spaghetti, a hot dog & some veggies. Random right? But that sh!t was soooooo good! I had really missed chewing and eating! Yeah yesterday was awash! BUT I did drop the weight I wanted. 5lbs is the difference between a pair of tight jeans fitting like they should or creating an unsightly muffin top, so for that point alone I consider my mission a success.

I would totally do this again. It is difficult and I will most likely gain the weight back but I am totally happy with the short term results I achieved.

Have you tried the master cleanse diet? How did it work out for you?


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  1. Did it before for about 5 days and actually enjoyed the taste of the drink. I see you used limes instead of lemons - wondering how that tasted. Also used grade b maple instead because it has more minerals and calcium - darker the color more nutritious. Might do it soon because these crunches alone ain't cutting it :)


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