Tuesday, September 17, 2013

King Mswati to WED wife #14. But is she too young?

With a net worth of over 100 million the King seems to be on a serious mission to spread the love.
The 45 year old polygamous King of Swaziland will add another wife into the fold. With an estimated 24 children and 14 wives in 13 lavish palaces - his latest conquest is an 18 year old beauty queen. 

"I can confirm that the king has introduced to the nation a new liphovela (royal fiancée)," said Ludzidzini palace governor Timothy Mtetwa.

The King met Sindiswa Dlamini at a Reed Dance celebration over the weekend, Mtetwa told AFP.

I am personally against polygamy, it's just not for me. However I respect the people of Swaziland, their king and their rules BUT isn't 18 too young? How about 21? She's just a baby, just barely finished high school and now she will be a wife to 45 year old? Me no likey.

What do you think - is 18 too young or is she old enough to be the King's wife?


  1. I think she is old enough to marry anyone between 18 and 25 but too young for a 45 year old. Heck Mswati's daughter uSkhanyiso is 26.It's gonna be interesting to see how she addresses her father's new wife

  2. This just ain't right! No bueno!


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