Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Is it time for Beyonce to SWITCH up her look?

Last night Beyonce performed in Las Vegas and brought in the 2013 in classic Bey style. Mrs. Carter allegedly  got paid 4 million dollars for the exclusive invite-only gig. Guys, I'm still trying to find out how my invite got lost in the mail :) I 'm SO ready for a new Beyonce music and I'm not sure if she debuted new tunes last night but after seeing her pics I started thinking of something else...

Is it time for Beyonce to switch up her look?

Artists are known for constantly re-inventing themselves and keeping their fans guessing. Think of how Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Madonna and even Whitney Houston just keeping changing their public images through the years. It kept us on our toes. We've all come to know Bey's classic big hair, shiny & sexy outfits and full makeup. But is this look dated? By the way, I am loving thick Beyonce, her body looks totally amazing!

What do you think? Should Blue Ivy's momma switch up her look or are of you the mindset 'if ain't broke don't fix it'?!!




  1. This look is as tired as an Oxford Street Lady at the end of the month. Can we see something new assemblief, some clothes would be nice #cues DC's Nasty Girl song

    1. LOL I agree..it would be nice to see a different look from Bey!


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