Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nonhle and her baby COVER Drum Magazine!

Nonclaire is back in action y'all! After her tumultuous and thoroughly entertaining twitter meltdown last year the TV personality seems to be on a come-back path! This week Nonhle and her adorable baby Star are on the cover of Drum Magazine. What a sweet looking baby! She tells the mag:
"I was under a lot of stress and had been depressed for almost two years. So when it finally happened, I knew she was a star – the light in the darkness of what I was going through.

“Before her I thought I had nothing left to live for. I had done it all. I had been the hero of the story as well as the villain and I was just tired of everything. I had no emotions left until she came and brought me back to life. She resurrected me.”

How nice! Few questions:
-Is the baby daddy featured or pictured anywhere in the post?
-Does this mean her twitter rants are now a thing of the past? I found them to be totally immature and quite amusing at the same damn time!
-Did she get the racks on racks on racks that she had originally demanded to show her baby's face?
-Can she resurrect her career? Are y'all checking for Nonhle?

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  1. Uhmmmm.. Why is she 10 Shades lighter on the cover?? I almost didn't recognise her. Mshoza much?


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