Monday, December 17, 2012

Jamie Foxx tells Oprah he doesn't believe in marriage. Is that unnatural to you?

Actor/singer/comedian Jamie Foxx sat down with talk show host Oprah Winfrey for a 2 part series that aired  on her OWN network just this past Sunday. While the two talked about a number of issues (I will post the full video video later) one of statements that the funny man made lit up my timeline in a serious way.

When the talk show queen posed the question of marriage to Jamie he responded "I feel like I have been put on earth for a certain thing, and maybe marriage didn't come with that". I'm sure a LOT women (and some men too) were sorely disappointed with Jamie's reluctance to get hitched. The 45 year old actor has never been married but he does have a teenage daughter from a previous relationship and a toddler from a separate union.

I applaud Jamie for having the honesty to state his truth about his idea of marriage as unconventional as they may be. He also told Mama O that he is not sure that he can commit long term, I'm assuming that he is honest with his babies momma's about his lack of interest in being in a lengthy relationship or in tying the knot. While I am super AMPED about someday planning my dream wedding, the truth is I am more focused on a commitment in my relationship than a fleeting ceremony that will soon be a distant memory. But don't get it twisted my wedding will be the :) I'm just focused on a marriage than a wedding..

What do you think about Jamie's statements? Are we living in a world where people can co-parent and co-habitat without getting married? Or on a related note, what about men and women that don't want children- is that unnatural to you? I wanna hear your thoughts...holla at me!


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