Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chris Brown performs in South Africa & causes PANDEMONIUM at Durban Mall

So Rihanna or Karreuche Tran's boo thang performed in Johannesburg, South Africa this weekend. Based on what I read on twitter the show got mixed reviews. Some felt the concert was too short coming in at an hour and half but other folks felt Brown brought it. Listen if you travel all the way from Africa, you better sing and dance your heart out for more than an hour, people want to hear your hits. Team Breezy goes hard in South Africa, they have been excited about this concert for months!

Did you go? How was it? I also read he lit up a blunt onstage? I see Breezy is not trying to shake that bad boy image.

Today the singer hit Gateway Mall in Durban mall & craziness ensued.

This reminded me of some Michael Jackson issh..take a look at the video..

Chris Brown Shuts Down Largest Mall in Durban, South Africa from David Alan on Vimeo.


  1. I went to Carpe Diem Joburg, Chris was amazing. his perfomamce was really good, he sings and dances so well. pure talent. my issues were that the show really was way too short,he didnt perfom anything older than FAMe expect for wall to could be the organisers fault or his. who knows. does Chris not know that Africa is a continent and he was in South Africa. he kept saying "how u doing Africa"....he was also very impersonal, didnt take the time to greet or say anything that would connect him with us. yes, he smoked a blunt on stage - didnt expect that. most of my friends said he looked quite high while perfoming as well. just my two cents, am still team breezy though.amazing perfomance but i had absolutely no connection with him. it felt almost like a wham, bam, thank you mam kinda show.

    1. Well at least you didn't go to the Durban show, I heard he was onstage for 70 minutes. I totally hear you on the whole "Africa" thing, he should have tailored the show just a little bit. Threw in a local dance or song or something! Ahh Chris Brown bantu!


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