Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ugandan Princess marries American beau in a real life fairytale!

Princess Ruth Komuntale tied the knot on Saturday with her African American beau Christopher Thomas in a colorful ceremony at St. John's Cathedral in Fort Portal. Awwww a real life princess? My inner child is so happy right now! 
The adorable couple met two years ago in America and it wasn't until their engagement that the Missouri native became aware of the princess's role in Uganda's Toro Kingdom. This is almost the reverse of 'Coming to America' with a feminine twist! I wonder if she came to the States in search of love or an education? Either way, home girl is winning- she got both!

In DC she was known as a 23 year old American University student but in her homeland her face is constantly on the cover of magazines and newspapers.I wonder how her 30 year old hubby will deal with the instant fame? It shouldn't be too bad though since the couple intends on splitting their time between Uganda and the US.

What would a fairy tale be without a hater? There are some that would prefer the princess marry a Ugandan man but other women see the marriage as love story that gives them hope. That's right ladies, keep your eyes on the prize! Furthermore the princess's parents are on board with the wedding so does it really matter what a few people have to say?

This is just lovely! Cant wait to see more pics!

What do you think of their marriage?


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