Sunday, November 25, 2012

In Defense of Chris Brown: Why Jenny Johnson was wrong!

Pigs MUST be flying, I am defending Rihanna's boo thang - Chris Brown.

Hear me and hear me good, Chris has demonstrated time and time again that he is extremely immature. It all started with the 2009's violent assault on his then-girlfriend-Rihanna, the Good Morning America 'chair throwing' fiasco to most recently dressing up as a terrorist on Halloween. I get it. That man has no chill.

But what happened today caused me to leap up and jump to Breezy's defense. It all started when writer/comedian Jenny Johnson responded to a Chris Brown tweet by saying " I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person RT @chrisbrown I look old as f--k, I'm only 23

Errr excuse me? What on earth was the 30 year old thinking when she called him a worthless piece of shit? The singer of course responded back with an astounding number of expletives and called her all types of 'ho'. He didn't stop there (I told you he has no chill) he continued on with a barrage of vile comments and ended up deleting his twitter account. Was Chris Brown wrong for his response? Of course! He should have just blocked her. But my question is why was Jenny even tweeting him in the first place? Did she not think that perhaps after 3 years of incessant tweeting that Chris would respond back?

Folks, Jenny has been tweeting this man directly for the past 3 years and writing all types of obscenities and profanities. Who has time for all that? Oh that's right- an internet troll does that. They tweet celebrities just for the sake of attention and internet publicity. Now all of sudden because Chris Brown barked back she now plays the innocent victim? Give me a break! Excuse me for my lack of sympathy for poor lil Jenny.

A few hours ago a Huffington post article titled their version of today's events as "Chris Brown's Vulgar Twitter Attack on Jenny Johnson, Comedy Writer". Please pay attention to the language in this heading. It really sent me over the edge. What HuffPo failed to mention was that Jenny Johnson was the person who started the verbal assault. While we are on the media, let's talk about how we all seem to forget that Sean Penn, Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson (his ex accused him of punching her in the face and breaking her teeth), Charlie Sheen and countless other white celebrity men have all been accused and in some cases convicted of domestic assault. You will recall that Charlie Sheen has had countless run ins with the law and in 1990 that he shot his fiancee Kelly Preston (accidentally he claims) in the arm? Why are so we quick to extend the olive branch to Sheen and not Brown? Why isn't Jenny directing her venom to all the white celebrity abusers?

Let's discuss the elephant in the room - is race a factor in all this? Ab-so-freaking-lutely! If Chris were a white man all would be forgiven. I am sick and tired of how the mainstream media treats him.Yes he hit Rihanna and that was awful, I mean just down right terrible. I can NEVER excuse his behavior. But I will not buy into the thinking that we can now in all take turns in verbally attacking Breezy directly just for shits and giggles. I will not buy into the idea that black men should be the poster children for violence. That offensive and inaccurate stereotype can have deadly consequences, just ask Trayvon Martin's family. This for me is an issue of race-  it all starts with how we look at black men. Enough is enough, I am so OVER this double standard.

I wanna hear from you! What do you think about the media's treatment of Chris Brown- well deserved or over the top?


  1. How is race always the go-to card when one person dislikes another person (with good reason) just because that person is a different color? When I was in high school I was bullied mercilessly by a group of native american kids. Does it make me a racist to say they're assholes?

    Chris commited one of the most aggregious social sins out there in the world today. People (especially women) have every right to hold a grudge. She said nothing about his race, she called him a piece of shit... and let's be fair, he is. And no, I'm not saying that because he's black - I'm saying it because even in a situation where it would have benefitted him to be a little more humble and try to make ammends, he instead went to the polar opposite of the spectrum, showing off just how arrogant and self obsorbed he is by making such rediculous claims as the one that the only reason people condemn him for hitting a woman is "jealousy".

    If there was a white artist as well known as him rapped up in a similar scandal and showing as little remorse for what he had done, you can be damn sure I'd still have a grudge, and I'm pretty sure Jenny would agree with me.

    But sure... let's all protect the poor little woman-beating self obsorbed jackass. Afterall, he's black. Clearly that obsolves him of any wrong doing and makes this a race issue.

  2. Dustin you've missed the point of the argument.

    Breezy fucked up and we're all aware ... no excuse there. Now that its out there, I am also really wondering why the white "woman-beating self obsorbed jackass/s" are not subjected to the same perpetual abuse as Chris... +3 years of the same bullshit... Surely we must get over it at some point. Even Rihanna herself, has forgiven the dude, and she's the immediate victim ... so what gives us the right?


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