Thursday, October 4, 2012

The ONE thing Nicole Kidman refused to say on film!

Actress Nicole Kidman has played many diverse roles in her career but even she has limits on what she does on film. Speaking about her new role in a Lee Daniels movie entitled "Paperboy" the acclaimed thespian spoke candidly about standing up for what she believed was right. The story line called for her to say the N-word and she flat out refused out of respect for her adopted son Connor.

Nicole's adopted son Connor. The Dad is Tom Cruise
She said "I just didn't feel it was right for the character. I have a son who is African American. I just didn't feel it was right"

Nicole Kidman in her new movie
Way to go Gurl! I absolutely hate the N-word and I wish more people would be like the actress and refuse to say the word. It's despicable! And what I don't understand, is how the director of the movie Lee Daniels pushed for her to say the word. He is a black man for crying out loud, can we stop trying to get white folks a pass on film and in real life? C'mon black people! I understand authenticity and trying to stay true to the story line but sometimes the word is used so gratuitously and perpetuates the myth that's it OK for everyone to say. I live in NY and I cringe every time I hear Chinese, black, Hispanic and Indian kids say the word. Enough!

So it brings me to this question. Is it ever OK for a white person to say the N-word on film or in song? Or should folks lighten up and understand the word is not malicious anymore? Thoughts?


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