Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wyclef Jean set to perform at Republican National Convention

Anything for a paycheck right? Former Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean is set to perform at an upcoming Republican National Convention fundraiser. This screams publicity ploy to me, Wyclef has a new book coming out soon, could this be an effort to generate buzz?

The Urban Daily writes:

This announcement comes as a shock considering jean was a staunch supporter of the Obama Campaign in 2008. He even called himself an Obama groupie. So what would make an adamant Democrat, like Wyclef Jean, make a deal with the opposing team to perform at their event? Who knows, but jean has been relatively silent about who he is endorsing for this election. Furthermore, Wyclef Jean has come out and said he likes Sarah Palin.

People will probably never know why Wyclef Jean decided to appear at the Republican National Convention, but like Camira Powell wrote, “For Republicans, nothing screams diversity like a woman and black man –– an immigrant at that –– as the headliners of a major, televised event (the performance is cosponsored by Lifetime network).”

Interesting!! What do you think of Wyclef's decision?

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