Monday, June 4, 2012

South African drama: Nonhle's knocked up and Bonang beat up?

Well well, what do we have here! So while I was in LA turns out drama was popping off in a serious way half way across the globe in South Africa.

According to the Sunday Sun, it was revealed that TV personality Nonhle Thema could be expecting her first child with boyfriend Young Nucho. Nonhle confirmed the rumors via her Twitter account by tweeting: "YES I'm pregnant...TELL the WORLD.."
Nonhle and alleged baby daddy Young Nucho
Doesn't Nonhle's baby daddy look an awful lot like US rapper Lil Wayne? Wonder what that baby will look like! For those of you interested in the seeing the yet to be delivered baby, Nonhle is making it clear that SA magazines will have to pay SERIOUS money to publish the pictures.  I know paying big bucks for celeb babies is a huge business in the US, will the same apply in South Africa? I guess we will just have to wait and see..

In other TV personality news..

Rumors are flying around that South Africa's IT girl Bonang Matheba was physically attacked by her boyfriend DJ Euphonik. YIKES! Word on the street is that Bonang obtained an order of protection against Euponik after she claimed that he beat her in a lover's quarrel gone wrong. B confirmed the domestic abuse allegations via twitter after being probed by a fan, she tweeted: "it's true than true"

Bonang attended an event last week after the alleged incident
If the rumors are indeed true then my heart goes out to Bonang, no woman deserves to to get even a finger laid on her. Ladies, we need to learn how to walk out before the abuse becomes a main fixture in the relationship. What a sad situation all around!




  1. It is indeed sad Makho, if there is indeed truth in such allegation. I have no respect for a man who lays his filthy hand on a woman, he is not even half a man. It doesn't matter how wrong Bonang was, he couldve just talked to her that's it.

    As for Nonhle being pregnant, well congrats are in order, hopefully the baby will calm her down a bit. BOOM!!! I see she didn't just sit down.

    Thanks Makho for the update.

    Nontsasa. SA

  2. Hey Nontsasa! Thanks for your comment! I still cant get over the Bonang story, it is just so sad. I've met Euphonik before and he always seemed so nice, I just cant fathom how this took place. I totally agree with you, doesn't matter how it started- how it ended is totally unacceptable.


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