Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Would you allow an attractive woman to be your maid or husband's assistant?

Lala pictured with husband Carmelo and son Kiyan

Last night as tired as I was, I battled the sandman tap-dancing my on my eyelids to watch the season premiere of VH1's reality show - Lala's Full Court. For those of you who don't know who Lala is, she is a former MTV VJ and is currently married to New York Knicks basketball player Carmelo Anthony. Of course we are talking about reality TV here, so nothing is ever really 100% unscripted. That being said though, last night seemed to be a particularly interesting (albeit heavily scripted) show.

During the series, Lala met up with her friend  popular radio host Charlamagne at a make-up photo shoot.  If you haven't heard about Charlamagne, let me warn you. He just messy! So I knew as soon as he entered the picture things would get interesting. While on set, Charlamagne seemed rather mystified as to why Lala would hire an attractive female assistant (Asani) who not only works with the entire family but also travels alone with Lala's husband. At one point in the show, Lala's friend began planting seeds in her head about her man possibly stepping out on her Asani -right under her nose.

So here's where I kinda lost my mind.

Lala scheduled a dinner with the Asani to ask her face to face if she was indeed sleeping with her husband. Lala, why didn't you ask your husband? If you suspect any infidelity why confront Asani (who of course refuted the rumors) and not the person you took your vows with? I can’t understand women who have beef with the "other woman" in question rather than their partners. Hold your men accountable ladies!

In Zimbabwe it's a very common thing to have maids in the house to help out with chores such as cleaning, cooking and taking care of the kids. I've heard women often say they could never have attractive or young women in their house because it would be too much temptation for their husband. Ladies, if you can agree with these sentiments then sadly you have married the wrong person. If you can't trust your partner on that level then something is fundamentally broken. You need to leave that relationship ASAP.

So talk to me, would you let your husband have an attractive assistant? Or would it be too much temptation for him?

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