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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Supermodel Chrissy Teigen

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of attending the RAOUL shop launch at Bloomingdale's on Lexington Ave. The designer’s clothes are absolutely beautiful and you check them out here. The ambiance at the party was really nice, lots of champagne flowing, a DJ pumping out haute music, a never ending supply of delicious cupcakes and even a supermodel in the mix.

Chrissy Teigen
Former Victoria Secret Model Chrissy Teigen was one of the special guests at the event last night. Most of you probably know her as singer John Legend’s fiancee.  I have to tell you guys, it was so much fun talking with her. Not only is she beautiful but she was extremely personable, bubbly and down to earth.
I wish I could say the same for her management team. Honey, the woman she was with straight gave me the stank face when I asked if Chrissy was talking to press. To make matters worse, I probably talked to Chrissy for a full 3 minutes before another one of handlers (a slightly short man) interrupted. Thank goodness Chrissy seemed unfazed and was an absolute professional amidst all the craziness.

We talked about her hair extensions falling out at the White House, her fiance John Legend and what's next for her. Read in:

Makho: I follow you on twitter and saw that the unimaginable happened last night. Your hair extensions fell out while you were at the White House. Girl, what happened?
Chrissy: We were in a holding area that they put us in before we went down to the cocktail area. The holding area was actually her (Michelle Obama’s) office. So we’re sitting down and I just noticed a few overly hair sprayed areas. So I kind of ran my fingers through my hair and I was like “oh s**t. of course”.
Chrissy's extensions fell out at the White House

Makho: Ohmygoodness so you realize that your weave came out of your hair. How do you even play that off?
Chrissy: I had this tiny little purse and I can’t have a piece of hair hanging out of it because people will be like “what the hell is that?” So I turn to John and say, “please can you tuck this away?” So that night he had hair in his pocket. I mean this kind of stuff seems to always happen to me. Nothing’s ever just classy.

Makho: I thought that was so funny. I love that you took a picture and posted it on twitter. So tell me why you came out to Bloomingdale's tonight?
Chrissy: First of all, we are always presented with of lots brands. I’ve gone to Macy's and Bloomingdale's and everything in between to represent a brand or say that I love something. One thing that was very different about this was that instead of the boxy clothes that I’m usually given, I didn’t have the need to once - wear a trench coat over it!
Chrissy in her RAOUL dress

Makho: Yeah, your dress is beautiful.
Chrissy: Thank you! I have to wear the designer’s clothes to event and this dress I’m wearing was very much my style and ready to wear. No styling needed! Just very easy and very effortless.  The fabrics were beautiful and the color palette was awesome.

Makho: Did you know about the designer RAOUL before the event?
Chrissy: Yes I did my research. I went online and the online stuff was absolutely gorgeous so I knew this was going to be a winning event already. He didn’t need us here at all! (Laughs)
RAOUL models

Makho: I know you just got engaged, which is fantastic. Congratulations! Do you ever get tired of people asking you about your fiance John Legend?
Chrissy: I mean it’s something you just learn to deal with. The hard part is you become very skeptical of anything that people want to do with you. People will say, “Oh would you like to host our event?” And I will reply “Oh yes, I would love to” And 2 emails later they are like “what about John?” I just know that’s always coming.
Chrissy with her boo John Legend

Makho: But you are an accomplished woman in your own right. You were a Victoria’s Secret supermodel..
Chrissy: Yeah but you just get to a point where you are skeptical. And it happens enough to where you are like uggghh. That’s the thing that bothers me, but I don’t mind being asked about him. We are obviously engaged and I am very outspoken. He doesn’t care that I talk about us, we are not hiding anything.

Makho: So what’s next for you Chrissy Teigen?
Chrissy: I’m in Sports Illustrated again. Right now I'm working on my second season of the Chrissy Teigen swimsuit line. I’m in full wedding planning mode so the swimsuit line has taken a totally different turn. It’s much more romantic and colors are very feminine.  What’s funny is one day, I’m picking out colors for the wedding and the next day I'm pick out colors for the swimsuit line and I’m finding it’s the same colors so I’m in that brain right now.

I am sure Chrissy will make a beautiful bride, can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

Here are some more pics from last night's event!!

DJ spinning hot music! And the champagne just added to the ambiance

These cupcakes were so tasty!

The clothes are just exquisite!

The clothes are just as Chrissy said "very effortless and ready to wear"
Chrissy and the designer standing next to an actress from TV's Pretty Little Liars

Party people! It was great turn out for the shop launch event!
Models wearing gorgeous RAOUL clothes!

I love this dress! Pink is one of my FAVE colors!


  1. That's amazing you got to meet and talk to her. She is a beautiful woman.

  2. She was such a joy to chat with! Beautiful inside and out.

  3. when did she become a supermodel? after she met John Legend?First of all she is short and second of all I have never heard about her walking the runway.


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