Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wanna get a good laugh? Check out Amber Rose's acting skills!

I know. The headline of this post is mean. I don't know Amber personally so this is not a personal attack on her or the nude pictures she leaks every other day. But damn it Jim, if this movie she's starring in doesn't look like a hot ass mess. I can't deal. Check out the clip of her below:

2 things:

1) Can she not walk and talk at the same time? I was having a hard time picturing anything else but a prepubescent teen as she was speaking. I will give her credit though for that long stare at the end..that was really good.
2) Who cast her in this? Who thought it would be a good idea to do a film with cowgirls full of weaves & hair coloring? This is going straight to DVD.

Did you check out the trailer? Thoughts?


  1. She get's the "sit yo ass all the way down" award for today -_-

  2. Seriously!! What a hot mess that was!!

  3. is this the hood meets cowboy movie? What kind of dialect is she using (we are NOT in NY)...ummm coach please...I can't!


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