Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rihanna, Chris Tucker, Viola Davis - weekly magazine roundup

As an avid subway rider I usually have about 40 minutes each day to read either  a magazine, book or newspaper. This week however was all about the magazines, Check out the top 3 stories that we are buzzing about this week:

Songstress Rihanna has a great spread in Glamour Magazine. The pictures in the glossy are super classy and feminine. It's a nice look for RiRi. When asked on the single from her album Rated R that never was, check out what she said below:

GLAMOUR: Now all these impressionable young girls are singing your songs. Which do you hope they’re singing?
RIHANNA: “Fire Bomb” is one of my favorite songs. It kills me that it was never a single. It’s not the most positive message; it’s just honest. It’s about wanting revenge, because you just feel like no one can understand what you’re feeling unless you burn them the way they burned you. And that was at a time when I didn’t really want to be angry but I couldn’t help it, and “Fire Bomb” [released in 2009] was like that therapeutic song for me
Firebomb was one of my favorite songs from that album but I don't know if I want young girls singing the lyrics to this song. Find it on YouTube and listen to the lyrics then tell me if you want a 13 year old singing along.

Funny man Chris Tucker is on the cover of weekly publication Jet Magazine. The article chronicles Chris's comeback to the stage as he hits the road doing stand up again. What I found interesting was him breaking his silence on the death of his pal King of Pop Micheal Jackson.
Out of respect for my friend and his family, I didn't think it was appropriate to comment because it wasn't about me: besides I was in mourning.  I loved him dearly and was truly blessed to have spent time with my idol and work with him. He was a modern day King. He used to call me Christmas, He'd say 'Christmas, you're pretty funny'. When I met him I barely heard a word he said because I just couldn't believe I was sitting in front of him.

There is a lot of Oscar buzz surrounding The Help actress Viola Davis. I read the book so I cant wait to check out the movie, hope it lives up to the hype. Stay tuned for my review. While reading the Essence spread I found out that Hattie McDaniel, Juanita Moore, Diahann Carroll, Alfre Woodard and Oprah Winfrey have all gotten nominations for playing domestics. Wouldn't that be something if Viola was nominated for playing a maid in 2011. Funny how things change but still remain the same.
Thoughts on the weekly mag round-up?

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