Thursday, March 17, 2011

Khanyi Mbau's ex furious with True Love cover

I hear the True Love magazine with Khanyi Mbau as the cover girl is flying off the shelves in South Africa. Im sure the staff at the magazine and Miss Mbau herself must be elated. This is fantastic news for the bad girl  South African bad girl we all love to hate. One person however is furious with Khanyi's shine.

Her ex Theunis Crous like the adult that he is took to twitter to discuss his anger  over the cover saying "I've been quiet fixing my marriage. Along comes this ugly b**** from True Love mag and writes kak about me and my wife cooked up by insane Mbau."Well Theunis you should have been thinking about your marriage instead of having an adulterous affair with Mbau. Just saying..
Mbau throws around some pretty serious allegations in the magazine. She claims that Theunis's wife Primrose is physically abusive to her hubby. She says that when she met Crous, in a parking area in Sandton, he was wearing a bloodied shirt after being hit by his wife, Primrose.". we both looked like crap and I broke down with him. He was a new father figure. My daddy."

Ahh Daddy issues, now it all makes sense. Ladies we have to work past the Daddy issues before we embark on new relationships. Never one to mince her words, Khanyi delivers one more zinger by saying "Of course Theunis is an ugly man . but I saw beyond the physical with him. I saw inside him." Ouch. I love it!


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