Thursday, September 24, 2020

An overnight success takes 10 years...

 What's happening party people? Hope you are doing great wherever you are!

My week has been ahhhhhmazing. It's been busy but ain't nothing better than being booked and busy. So let's recap shall we?  Earlier this week, I co-hosted the Emmy's pre show for People and Entertainment Weekly. I had a blast as per usual. Felt so good to be back in the studio y'all. You can watch the fun show below:

And then on Tuesday I was on the Wendy Williams show. How u doing? lol!!

Then yesterday I launched a campaign that I am super excited about...head over here to read about it!!

It's been quite the week. I was reminded today that I prayed so hard for all the things I have right now. When they say an overnight success takes 10 years they are spot on. I've been working hard since 2012 and I am still climbing. Trust me - I get more no's than yes's. But that's nature of our business. 

Listen boo, if you have a goal or dream that you want to achieve. Get to the business of doing it. Time waits for no one and as 2020 has shown us - life is full of surprises. So go for it, work hard, surround yourself with positive people and keep your eyes on the prize. You got this!!

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