Monday, June 6, 2016

Does Donald Trump still own the Miss USA pageant? I answer 5 FAQ about the contest!

As a former pageant contestant, judge and director - I know a thing or two about beauty contests. I really am obsessed with pageantry. To put it in context, Miss Universe is my Superbowl. It's that serious.

Last night as I was live tweeting the Miss USA pageant, I got a lot of questions about the competition and I decided a blog post would be the best way to give my 2 cents. So let's get to it, here are the 5 most commonly asked questions about Miss USA....

Question-  The Miss USA and Miss America pageant are the same thing...right?
Answer - No. Folks, Miss America and Miss USA are not the same pageant. To us, pageant super fans it's like saying that Africa is a country. It just simply doesn't make sense. Let me put it to you this way beloved, think of Miss America as more of a scholarship based pageant.

Let's break down the judging criteria for the two....

Current Miss America - Betty Cantrell
Scoring for Miss America
  • Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit - 15 percent
  • Evening Wear - 20 percent
  • Talent - 35 percent
  • Private Interview - 25 percent
  • Onstage question - 5 percent
Scoring for Miss USA

  •  25% for Fitness in Swimsuit
  •  25% for Evening wear
  • 25% for Personal Interview
  • 25% for On-Stage
Question- Is next competition for Miss USA - Miss World?
Answer - After winning the Miss USA pageant, the titleholder gets the chance to compete yet again in another pageant - Miss Universe. Miss World is a completely different pageant from Miss Universe. In some countries, the winner goes to the Miss Universe pageant and the First Runner up goes to the Miss World pageant. Fun fact - Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe all live together in a plush apartment in NYC during their respective reign.

Question- Does Donald Trump still own the Miss USA pageant?
Answer- Hell to the no! Trump sold the right to the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA to WME/IMG for an undisclosed amount back in September 2015.

Question- Who was the last Miss USA winner from D.C?
Answer- It's been a really long time. 14 years to be exact!

Question- Tell us more about our Miss USA? Who is she?
Answer- She is #BlackGirlMagic

Congrats Queen Deshauna!

"I am ready to break the stereotype for female soldiers and bust through the pageantry glass ceiling that has been laid over the heads of this industry," she wrote on Instagram before the competition. "Time to show that we as women are versatile, strong and can be anything we set our minds to!"

 So gorgeous!!! I am so excited about her win. Can't wait to see her kill it this year.

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