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My Favorite African Natural Hair Bloggers Will Have Your Hair Looking Prettier Than Ever - Check Out My List

It's been about 3 years since I joined #TeamNatural and over that period of time I have picked up tons of valuable hair care tips and tricks. Even though I am still a newbie (sorta) I like to keep my hair looking it's best.

A lot of the info I have picked up on has come via my sister Erica who is really super knowleadgable when it comes to natural hair. But when Erica's busy with college and stuff, I surf the web and look to my favorite beauty bloggers from Africa to help with product reviews, DIY tricks and whatever hair care advice they dish out.

Here are a few standouts that I love following.

1. Yvette Mumanyi from Kenya

A photo posted by Yvette Mumanyi (@yvettekemi) on
Yvette's hair is to die for! You can check out her blog post here about her bangin' braid out in the pic above. Isn't it just beautiful?

2. Aisha O'Reilly from Tanzania now living in South Africa


I stumbled across Aisha's blog a few days ago and it was love at first sight. I love how clean the layout is and how easy it is to follow along. If you need inspiration on how hairstyles or just want to find out what her hair routine  is - it's all there on her blog . You really feel as though you are getting an in depth insider's view on how she achieves that gorgeous hair. Check out Aisha's hair routine here

3. Tabitha from Kenya

Look at all that length!!! I am green with envy :)

Tabitha's blog is full of detailed advice on how to nurse tired strands to back to health in no time. Check out her detailed hair regimen here

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Between the dry air, chilly weather and constant barrage of heat styling, your hair deals with a lot of stress in the diaspora. Buying hair products can get really expensive so if you still want to get the concentrated dose of nutrients your hair needs, then you may want to explore the DIY route. Make sure to read Tabitha's post on her DIY conditioner, totally worth checking out.

4. Nyasha Johnson from Zimbabwe
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In an interview with Black Girl Long Hair Nyasha discussed her hair regimen:

"I’m such a minimalist when it comes to my hair! I shampoo-wash my fro once a month with Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Shampoo, but I recently switched to Burt’s Bees More Moisture Shampoo (Baobab smells amazing!!!). It doesn’t strip my hair, and it leaves it feeling super clean. But I usually co-wash every weekend using Burt’s Bees More Moisture Conditioner, which I also use as a leave in conditioner. It works wonders for my twist outs! Afterwards I apply olive oil or whatever oil I happen to have."

5. Miss Wood from Ghana and Nigeria

A photo posted by miss wood (@westafricanbaby) on

A photo posted by miss wood (@westafricanbaby) on

6. Sheila Ndinda from Kenya


 Look at this FIERCE cut!! Sheila just cut her hair and it looks incredible

If you want a really DOPE twist out tutorial check out this post from the Kenyan beauty

 7. Temi from Nigeria

How cute is this wedding day hairstyle? I must try it!

Btw if you haven't heard about my natural hair beauty box, please read about it here

Did I miss anyone? Who are some of your favorite natural hair bloggers?

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