Friday, August 28, 2015

Phaedra Park shines on Rolling Out Cover

Divorce does a body good. Phaedra Parks looks phenomenal!!

The Southern belle is on the cover of this week's Rolling Out Magazine and she looks incredible. Check out highlights and pics from the shoot.

You’re on a show where you can get pulled into situations and it’s not always about “speaking life.” How do you deal with that? 

I’m on a show where they speak death all the time. But the way I have conducted myself has set me apart because I really try to think before I speak. I try not to say things that I can’t come back from. I’m always very careful, and just because you’re thinking something doesn’t mean that you should say it. But there’ve been a lot of times where I wanted to rip somebody’s wig off.

Have you ever considered that maybe you overthink things? 

"No. I think anyone that’s smart is always thinking forward. The smart person is always thinking about the next phase of their life. At the end of the day, my legacy won’t be that I was on a reality show. I want my legacy to be that I’ve made a change for many people, opened doors for women, that I was a great mother juggling a family and a career. Not that I was a fool on a reality show. There’s no honor in that."

In 2013, you published Secrets of a Southern Belle. Are we going to see another book from you? 

Absolutely. I am playing with the idea of writing a book about parenting, and about Black boys. I want to talk about how you prepare a Black boy for this society that we’re in. I’m active with the Black Lives Matter movement, because although it’s 2015, the social and racial climate makes it feel like 1960.

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