Thursday, May 28, 2015

Angolan bride spends $200,000 on bridal attire while filming TLC's wedding show "Say Yes to The Dress"

"I want my wedding to bigger and better than the other weddings I have seen"

Angolan native Naulila Diogo appeared on an American TV show this past week called "Say Yes to the Dress" and she was not mincing her words when she said she wanted BIGGER and BETTER for her special day.

Noted as the daughter of an Angolan cabinet member, the blushing bride flew to New York City at some point last year to shop exclusively with luxury bridal designer Pnina Torna for TLC's hit show "Say Yes to the Dress."

Naulila's first dress alone was $30,000. According to the designer the first dress was created especially for the wedding license ceremony "where only the family attends."

So how much did she spend in total?

Naulila walked away with a total nine original Pnina Tornai dresses (including her dresses, the mother of the bride's dress, bridesmaid dresses and a slew of accessories)

Naulila spent over $200,000 just on her bridal attire breaking the record for the most amount of money spent at Kleinfield - the store where the show is taped.  That is a LOT of money!! So much question is how much did the wedding cost? I can't even imagine how lavish it was!

Her wedding looked beautiful based on the snippets captured on the show, I mean with 800 people you have to go big or go home.

Congrats to the happy couple - the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Garca!


  1. Wahooo! I only want cry when i saw the first pic. Just magic... i got goosebumps all over my body. Money may not buy happiness but a little however !

  2. I wanted to cry when I saw what was spent for this wedding when people in Angola are starving!!???

    1. Not everyone in Angola is starving, if she has it why should she be ashamed to flaunt it on her big day. Nobody tell you not to waste money on junk food because one its not good for your body and if you save the money you could donate it 😑 just saying as a fellow Angolan girl

    2. But you have to admit, it really helps if your father is a government minister in a country where political corruption is rife!!!!!

    3. Even as a government minister, there is no way this money was from his savings. It was from having access to the corrupted system of government where you can steal anything and everything without the fear of being caught or punished. That's what 'unlimited budget' means in Angola ...

    4. Pls allow the girl enjoy her day people are starving all over the world just cuz you hear an African count assume starvation and corruption. She only gets married once let her do it as she wants.

    5. Disgusting. And so ignorant that she would be referred to as "like royalty" by Kleinfeld's staff. They should have been ashamed to air this episode.

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