Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Glamorous Life With Osas Ighodaro

Nigerian-American ingénue Osas Ighodaro is more than just a pretty face, she is the true embodiment of beauty AND brains. For this week's edition of the Glamorous Life we chat with the actress, model and presenter on all things beauty, style and travel.

1.) Describe your rules for dressing on the red carpet? How do you select your outfits? 
My rules for the red carpet is to always keep it comfortable and classy. I collaborate with my stylist, Yummie (@s_b_youme) who is always on point with keeping my look fashion forward. I love trying new things but the ultimate fashion rule for me is to keep it comfortable. For me keeping it that way helps exude my true confidence. 

2.) Do you have any past beauty faux pas that you regret?
I do actually. It's important to make sure you and/or your makeup artist knows your skin type - all the time. My skin tone changes between seasons and there was a time when I was photographed with my makeup much darker then the rest of my body. It looks quite interesting to but certainly lesson learned. 

3.) What's the best beauty advice that you've ever gotten?
The best beauty advice is to keep my makeup as clean and simple as possible. It allows a woman's true beauty to shine through. Love that advice. 

4.) What's your favorite place in the world to visit?
I actually love to travel! I'm excited to be working on a project that will allow me to do that. I love experiencing other cultures and thus far the Caribbean has been my favorite place to travel to. 

5.) Walk us through a typical day in your life?
Ha! Well, I'm fortunate enough to live in both Nigeria and New York. When in Nigeria, my typical day would encompass meetings, filming on set, running errands, attending  industry events, spending some time in Lagos traffic (lol), attending church and finally coming home. My life in Nigeria is quite busy. In New York, it's a bit more calm. Spend time with family and friends, running errands, attending church and finally home sweet home. 

6.) Who is your beauty icon?
I don't have one beauty icon - I have a few. I absolutely love Halle Berry, Rihanna and Tyra Banks.

7.) What is your life philosophy?
I have a motto / life philosophy I live my life by: "If you believe it, and your heart conceives it, then you can surely achieve it. 

8.) When do you feel most beautiful?
I feel most beautiful when I'm happy. It's a bit of a cliché it works for me; always. 

9.) What's your fitness regimen?
I'm not a gym / running type of person. I love being active by dancing and doing aerobics. If it's fun then I'm all in. Drinking water and of course keeping a healthy diet helps keep me fit as well. 

10.) What new projects are you working on?
I'm excited about the new projects I'm working on. I have some great work coming up with my foundation (Joyful Joy Foundation). I have a few film projects and a travel show in the works as well. I also have some brand ambassador work soon to be revealed. I'm very excited and thankful for the blessings. 

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