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Exclusive Interview: Jackie Mgido launches Vault Cosmetics in Bulawayo

She is one of Zimbabwe’s outstanding achievers and is doing well in growing her brand and legacy at the same time. Meet Jackie Mgido, the brains behind Vault Cosmetics. She has had it all, from working as a maid, to finding life’s meaning and then creating colour through her cosmetic line - Jackie Mgido is an incomparable ball of energy.

I caught up with her at the Horizon Restaurant, Bulawayo’s premier outlet and spoke with her about a range of topics - life in Los Angeles, makeup on men, her Cosmetic Academy, Bill Cosby and so much more.

I was so caught up in the interesting conversation that it took me a while to snap out of my joyous bubble and get the Question and Answer session going.

Gilmore Tee: When was the last time you were in Bulawayo?

Jackie: Eish, I was 17 years old when I last came to Bulawayo and now I am 41. It sounds better when I say 17 and 41 without putting the years together, it makes me feel old. But I am really excited
to be in the City of Kings and Queens, Bulawayo.

Gilmore Tee: Take us back to when you were a 12 year old girl.

Jackie: Oh My Gosh, Jackie was this little girl who stayed on a farm and was such a tomboy. I clearly remember being a dreamer, imagining different things and playing with animals. I remember
imagining the Cosby’s and how I wanted to be like them, and years later I worked with Bill Cosby in the USA.

Gilmore Tee: Talking about Bill Cosby, what’s your take on the molestation accusations?

Jackie: He has always been amazing to me; I have never had any relationships with him where he made me feel uncomfortable. Bill Cosby is such a Dad; he was like my fantasy dad when we worked with each other. My experiences with him have been everything good.

Gilmore Tee: How far apart is the reality, to your then dreams and aspirations?

Jackie: Eish, the dream is amazing, it’s still the same dream and I am still a dreamer. Some of the dreams have come true, I always dreamed of going to the United States of America and I am staying there now, it has been 23 years.

Gilmore Tee: In less than a week, you hosted the Eye Brow Party in Harare, shot a video for Zimbabwe’s Hip Hop Sensation – Calvin and now launching Vault Cosmetics in Bulawayo. Where does this Super Woman get the energy?

Jackie: The energy is from life, and I have the zeal for life. I believe waking up in the morning, being able to stretch and to think positive is a privilege. Right now I have a full blown cold, but the energy
just comes from the people around me.

Gilmore Tee: With so much positivity, how does one expect to feel when they are wearing your products?

Jackie: One of the biggest things I wanted was for women to feel that I am one of them, which is the truth. I did not live a privileged life, my parents worked so hard for me and I work hard too. At one point I was a maid in the US just to keep afloat. Now I look back and I think it was funny as the family I worked for used to boast of my ability to speak good English.

Gilmore Tee: As a female entrepreneur, you stand for not only yourself, but other young ladies that look up to, how should ladies run the world?

Jackie: They should just do it, but you need to understand why you are passionate about what you are doing. I tell women who wear Vault all the time that when they do so they should know and understand why they are wearing what they are wearing. Sometimes you need to be able to work for free, it is actually not working for free but you are simply obtaining knowledge from someone for free. It is not always about the money, but it is necessary to mentor your skill and perfect it. Also another important aspect is being positive, which later attracts positivity. We teach that to our students at the Cosmetic Academy in Harare.

Gilmore Tee: 5 years from now, what should we expect from Vault?

Jackie: Perfection in the product and in education. I want people to get jobs outside Zimbabwe, the film industry should come down here and get people to work and grow themselves, and so on.

Gilmore Tee: Talking about jobs, how different are the stereotypes of men and women working in the make-up industry from your experience?

Jackie: Interesting enough, there is a stereotype that when a man likes make-up they are gay. What people don’t know is that, men started wearing makeup before women did. Men are the
creators of make-up and the decision made about make-up across the world is by men. I just think it is ignorance that drives stereotypes. In the USA, the fashion industry has been taken over
by metro-sexual men, who love fashion and are good looking. Look at P Diddy and Snoop Dogg, these are people who get their nails done and are groomed to be presentable. The guys that society is
admiring and looking up to have make up, so it is nothing at all.

Gilmore Tee: Without Vault, life will be...

Jackie: Eish, I can’t even imagine, I am Vault. The name Vault comes from a lot of insecurities, self-doubt and everything that a woman feels. What I did was that I opened up my Vault to my vulnerability. I am not a corporate company, I am Jackie who is expressive, who feels and loves, and I want everyone to know what’s going on.

Gilmore Tee: Who is your favorite celebrity you have worked with in the USA?

Jackie: No, I can’t mention anyone in particular. I have had so much fun working with everyone. Let’s keep it on that happy note for everyone.

Trust me, Jackie Mgido is one person that you need to know and consume her energy. I had so much fun chatting to her and am excited to witness what Vault Cosmetics is turning into -  AMAZING. Make sure you follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other platforms; everything is Vaulted with Vault Cosmetics.

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  1. What an awesome and inspiring woman that most can relate to!


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