Friday, January 23, 2015

Totally in LOVE with these beauty products for natural hair. Read all about 'em!


January 23, 2015


Hello naturalistas! So I have a real confession…….I am a mini product junky. The only reason I even say mini is because I know it could be worse. But I am okay with that, because I like to try new things to help myself and others. Also, a product may work on my hair for a while, then a couple months down the road, my hair just will not move for that same product that was giving me life. As of now, my two favorite products that I have been using are Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk (leave-in moisturizer), and Camille Rose’s Curl Maker.

So first thing, let us make a YES check list. YES they are both on the pricy side. YES they are both moisturizing. YES the bottles are big enough to last you a while. YES I would suggest trying both, seriously you will be in love with the smells and how well they work. The Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk original leave-in moisturizer is about $12 and can be bought at Target. Camille Rose Curl Maker can also be purchase at Target for $22, and both products can be bought on ebay if you want that choice.  

For me, together these products are magic; they define my curls while also keeping them very soft. The hair milk moisturizer does a fantastic job, a small drop goes a long way, which is why I have been using this bottle for about two months…I have a lot of hair so that says wonders.  The curlmaker, as of now, is the best curling definer I have ever used. Not only does it define my twist outs, but it worked when I tried to do a wash-n-go. I have never been able to just have wet hair; rake products in my hair and it actually curl. When I attempted it with this curly maker, HUNNY my curls were poppin. Now, I only did a small section, but that is more than I can say for any other curling gel I have tried. Also, Camille Rose Curl Maker is a natural homemade product by a mother of 5, interesting facts that deserve some claps! Both products can be put onto wet or dry hair, I have done both. On my wash day and on the days I refresh my curls.

Comment below and let me know what your curls think about these products!




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