Wednesday, January 21, 2015

10 Random Facts About Me!

I started this blog about 4 years ago (dang time flies fast) and most of the time I give my spin on celeb news, but every now and then I like to write personal posts. I have many goals for this site within the course of the year so stay tuned for that... but in the meantime I wanted to share more of "Makho" with you so I am starting with this one: 10 random facts about me.

1. My favorite song of the moment is "Disclosure" by Latch feat Sam Smith.  I discovered this tune while listening to Spotify and it is my jam!

2. My middle name is Caroline. I hardly ever use it, Makho seems to work just fine :)

3. I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

4. I have soooo many favorite quotes but this one by Nelson Mandela motivates me on a daily basis "it always seems impossible until it's done" 

5. Joe Malone fragrance drives me nuts- in the best possible way. I LOVE their scents!

6. Turbulence will never be normal to me. I travel quite a bit and while I enjoy the experience of flying the friendly (or not so friendly skies) , the bumpy moments scare the crap out of me. A glass of wine usually calms my nerves but still....I just can't used to turbulence!

7. I am the oldest of 3. My brother and sister are in college and I am just beaming with pride, they are awesome young people!

In my sister's dorm room- from left to right..Mom, me, my brother Andrew and sister Erica

8. I genuinely enjoy my own company. I use the quiet moments to reflect/focus on what I want for the future and chill. I have a small circle of friends and my motto is quality over quantity

9. My favorite movie of all time is "What's Love Got to Do With It". Angela Bassett should have received an Academy Award for her portrayal of Tina Turner she was AHHHHMAZING
10. I tend hold grudges and my new year's resolution is to be more forgiving. I just hate to be wronged but I understand people make mistakes so I am learning to rise above. I just have a really low tolerance for the B.S. Don't trip HE ain't through with me yet!

What are your random facts? Share below in the comments section!


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