Friday, December 19, 2014

Why I Decided To Go Natural

My sister Erica has the BEST head of hair EVER. No seriously, her hair is amazing! We went natural around the same time and each time I see her, I am absolutely floored at how long, healthy and luminous her hair is. At the tender age of 20 my baby sister is an expert on all things natural hair. She spends hours upon hours (when she's not studying in college) scouring the web and looking up the best ways to take care and grow your natural hair. So I asked baby sis to start a column sharing her natural hair journey and this is her first blog post.

"One step must start each journey." -Author Unknown, from Just One

What made you want to go natural? Was it seeing people on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest? Wanting healthier hair? Wanting change? Or maybe Solange Knowles, she is very convincing right?

I cannot pin point just one reason for others wanting to go natural, I can only explain my path.

I decided to go natural for three reasons; healthier hair, self-acceptance, and because my hair was literally the same length for two years, that was definitely a problem for me. Taking the first step with anything in life can be petrifying, but at the end it’s worth the risk. I was nervous about my choice so I decided to transition for a year, then at the end of my year I would cut what was left of my permed hair. For a year I had braids and weaves to protect my hair, also because I could not tame the beast I was growing.
Erica's natural hair journey

I officially became natural July 31, 2013. It has never just been about hair, deciding to go natural was the first time I made a decision for myself and by myself. I did not care what anyone else was doing or what they thought. It was the first step into accepting my natural state.

 Just to be clear I am not on “#teamnatural” or “#teamperm,”although my Instagram and my friends will tell you different, I am on “#teamMe.” It has been a year and five months of healthy hair, growing hair, and although I am not my hair, it is one of the many steps that started my journey to self -acceptance.

Are you thinking of going natural or are you currently natural? If so please holla at me in the comments section and share your natural hair journey.


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