Thursday, August 28, 2014

'Sarafina' actress Leleti Khumalo says she "was living a disgusting life"

Leleti with actor Denzel Washington

Disgusting huh? That's such an interesting word to use. As a fan of the talented actress it's hard to really understand what means by that word, what was poppin off in her life that was so disgusting. Thing that make you go hmmmm

In any event I appreciate her honesty and candor about her life. In a rare interview that aired last night in South Africa, the often private actress spoke about her life to Nicky Greenwall's Close Up.

 Leleti opened up to Nicky in an in-depth interview about the journey to stardom and her nasty divorce. “I was living a false life. I would portray that I was living a happy life yet I was living a very disgusting life,” she said.
Leleti admitted that all these of being in the industry she’s convinced that she has two personalities. The award-winning star added that being famous is a very difficult life. “I know it because I lived it,” she explained.
Wow! Did you watch Close Up last night? What did you think?

BONUS: Leleti is now happily married with twin babies, you can read that story here


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