Thursday, July 31, 2014

'Never Stop Dreaming African Child' How Black Coffee met P.Diddy

I absolutely love this story! Black Coffee was doing his set in Ibiza recently and the legendary DJ took to his Instagram to share the story of how he met rap impresario P.Diddy. Peep the story below:

“So prior my trip on the tour I see @iamdiddy posting picture enroute to #Ibiza then I get so excited since I'll be there too then it hits me...there's so many parties there there's no way he'll come where I was playing then there goes my dream of meeting him.

“ while getting ready to go to the show I start thinking what if he'd come to the club...what would I say to him where would I I talk about a Music or my other business interests.”

“I thought nah there's no way he'd come there, after my set I’m from getting a drink as I walk in there he was in front of me.

“I didn't know what to say so as I was about to walk by a gentleman who was with him told him. Yo here he is...this is Black Coffee, I froze.”

“He said how are you? Sorry I missed your set we tried but we just came in but I heard you killed it.

“I froze.Till now I don't know what I said to him I think some of it was in Zulu.

“Moral of my story, I almost gave up on a dream of meeting one of my Idols...Never stop Dreaming African Child.”

What an incredible story! Now can we get a collabo between the two? 


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