Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Learnt a lesson while flying today...

Had a particularly enlightening experience while flying today.  We are heading home to New York after spending a few weeks with family in Texas.

Our flight was bumpy & incredibly turbulent. The entire 2 hours were full of shaky airplane craziness. Mind you this was a tiny itty bitty plane

Confession: I hate flying small planes. They give me heart palpations like no other. I'm terrified of them. 

While I was trying to distract my mind paralyzed with intense fear I noticed a man sitting a few rows ahead.

I watched how over the course of the flight he answered emails, wrote a presentation & drafted tons of business docs

Think of how much he was able to
accomplish in 2 hours while I sat trying to count down the minutes till we landed

That's why he was in first class and I was looking at him in coach. I resolved then that I want a 1st class life 

While I sat paralyzed with fear & scared to face my reality it hit me that others are THRIVING

Life is much like flying. When you are in turbulent times you have to keep your eyes on the prize 

You will always rise above the clouds and get through the trying times. It's important to know that everything is temporary

How you view your trials & tribulations will determine your success in life. Attitude is key and will determine your latitude.

So that business man in first class I say thank you. Life lesson learnt. I want a first class life too! 


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