Friday, June 13, 2014

Keke Palmer dishes on history making BET talk show

I really love me some Keke Palmer. It's refreshing to see young celebs transition from child stars to adulthood with no major meltdowns. Keep it up Keke!
The soon to be 21 year old just did a nice lil spread with Just Jared & she dished on her new history making talk show (she will be the youngest person ever to host her own show) & celebrating her birthday. Peep the highlights!

JJ: Your talk show, Just Keke, project number two, how did that all come about? Is that a dream come true for you?

KP: Yes! After I did True Jackson, VP, I was thinking if I could do a TV show again, it would definitely be a talk show. It just so happened that Judge Mathis came up to my dad at a premiere and asked my dad, “I think Keke would be kinda good for a talk show. If that’s something you guys are interested in, I know some people at Telepictures, I have a deal there. If that’s something she’s interested in, call us up.” For there to be commercials playing, it’s kind of unbelievable to me because I felt like I was literally walking in a dream the whole time everything was happening.

JJ: What’s the format of the show?

KP: Different. I don’t know how to put it into words. It’s definitely a talk show of today’s kind. We’ll have social media, throwback Thursdays, memes, hot topics, everything’s a part of the show. The audience is a big part of the show, they get to control the music on my show. I will have celebrities on talking and stuff like that, but when I do have celebrities on, it’s going to be something fun and unique. Not just asking questions and things like that. Actual activities that I’ll be able to do that’s specific to what they do. I really want my show to involve a lot of my peers that aren’t in the industry too and confront their issues.

JJ: Do you have a dream guest that you want to have on the show?

KPRihanna! She’s my favorite. She’s my favorite girl, and I would love to have her on. Maybe she doesn’t do everything that is “supposed to be right.” But I think that’s just what we admire – she represents individualism. She represents somebody being one hundred percent themselves, not apologizing for it, not telling you you should do it too. But she represents someone, a woman, doing her one hundred percent and not being afraid of that. And that’s what I love.

JJ: Are you recording other music on the side as well?

KP: Yes, definitely recording music a lot in Atlanta. Really excited, putting together an album. Nothing just yet that anybody can hear, but I’m working hard. I know I always tell my fans that. Everyone’s like, “Keke, you been saying that for the last few years.” But it takes time. Music is definitely a different beast than acting is, but I’m really looking forward to the end of this year being a time where I can really release some new music.

JJ: Do you know what direction/sound the music is going in?

KP: Yeah, definitely like R&B. Definitely R&B, which has always been me.

JJ: You turn 21 years old soon, how are you going to celebrate?

KP: We’re thinking about maybe going on a cruise. My best friend really wants to go to Turks and Caicos so we can ride the horses in the water!

Wonderful! Keke's new talk show titled Just Keke is coming to BET and it will air directly after the network’s long running hit 106 & Park

Just Keke premieres on BET June 30th At 5 PM ET/PT.


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