Monday, April 28, 2014

Singer Erkyah Badu performs in Swaziland & catches a lot of heat, should she have gone?

Listen, Miss Badu is a growwwwwn woman, so she can do whatever she wants.
However many human rights activists are crying foul over Miss Badu going to sing for King Mswati. Citing alleged human rights abuses, media oppression & many other issues folks feel that Erkyah shouldn't have gone to sing for the King. Here are some tweets I saw:

This so tricky! According to the Swazi Observer news reports: 

'She was brought to the country courtesy of Jacob Arabo, commonly known as Jacob the Jeweller as a gift to His Majesty for his 46th birthday. Badu was first spotted amongst the crowd and was met with excitement as she mingled and even took a trip to the bathroom. People whispered amongst themselves wondering if it was indeed her or a look alike, although her name was listed under the main entertainers of the night on the programme.

After she was introduced to the stage, she expressed how happy she was to be in the country to perform before Their Majesties. She had guests in stitches when she said the first time she was in the country in 2002 there were a number of women who were dancing in a ‘forest’. “I am so happy to be in the country, this is my second time in Swaziland and the last time I was here there were a lot of women dancing in a forest. I love being in Swaziland. I dedicate this first song to sons of Kings,” she said before performing.

Between her performance she also commented on His Majesty’s family, saying it looked like a healthy family and was an inspiration to everyone to maintain good relationships within their families'

Guys, how many wives does King Mswati have? It seems like they all get along (seems being the key word) but maybe Erykah saw something I didn't see. 

Honestly I'm on the fence with this one. What do you think? Should she have gone to sing happy birthday for the King!?

Update Miss E has responded, here's what she said via Twitter:

Very very interesting! Would be curious to know how this trip came about..hopefully Erykah sheds more light later..I agree 149 characters is not enough to explain her point of view. 


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