Thursday, February 6, 2014

Gabrielle Union & Nicki Minaj reveal their REAL hair - no extensions!

Ever wonder what all those celebs are working with underneath their glorious wigs & weaves!?
Well the answer is quite a bit! "Being Mary Jane" star Gabrielle Union recently took to Instagram showcase her enviable hair length 

She wrote the following caption with the pic 
"Ladies... You can achieve hair growth... With a weave! This is allllll mine, no clips, no extensions, hadn't even been pressed...And it got this healthy thick legnth from responsibly wearing weaves. #weaveandflowletitgrow"

It's beautiful hair, even though her weave is always laid, I'd love to see her natural hair more often. I wonder how the public would view these ladies if they stepped out frequently without the weaves & wigs? Do we associate Hollywood glamour with long hair only? Hmm glad to see Lupita & Danai shifting that perception a bit..

Rapstress Nicki Minaj also shared her hair pic a few moments ago via Twitter, she wrote "no perm, no extensions"
Gorgeous hair Nic!
Wonder what this shoot was for? Guess we will find out soon enough!

She has a great body too!

It really doesn't matter how you rock your hurr-weave, perm, natural or whatever the most important thing is to take care of it! Nothing like have jacked up edges or unkept hair..

Thoughts on the ladies natural hair!?


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