Friday, January 3, 2014

Why so mean? Folks go in on Ciara's toe pic!

I'm not sure why people are so mean! Why are folks so hateful? As you may know Ciara & her rapper fiancĂ© Future are currently on vacay in Bora Bora and the musical pair seem to be living it up! 
So just a few hours ago the 'Goodies' singer posted an innocent pic of her feet on Instagram and craziness ensued!

Here's the pic:
Seems innocent enough right? What da problem is?

Well check out some of the mean & incredibly cruel comments from her Instagram account 
"She should always wear socks"
"Cock eyed toes, they look like they are going in different directions"

"Dat toe got a mind of its own"

Listen I'm all for a good joke but this kinda humor crosses the line. Why make fun of someone because of something as silly as their feet?  So because Cici has feelings just like me and you...she clapped back with this little gem below!
So glad she fought back! The comments are out of order!

Btw do you think she's preggers? I can't tell! I've kinda given up..


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