Monday, January 6, 2014

Meet the brilliant black Victoria's Secret Model who also doubles as a computer programmer!

Love LOVE multi-faceted women!
Lyndsey Scott is more than just a pretty face. The 29 year old fresh faced beauty is not only just a high powered fashion model but she's also doubles as a computer programmer. The supermodel has walked the runway for the likes of Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein, and Victoria’s Secret but secretly she's also accomplished quite a bit on the tech side of things. She recently did an interview with Pando Daily, check out excerpts from her chat:

She graduated from Amherst in 2006 with a dual-degree in computer science and theater

 “I got better grades in computer science than theater. I picked it up so quickly.”

Her parents weren't always supportive of her modeling gigs!

“For the first two years after college, my parents would slip fliers under my door for various jobs that maybe they had heard about in computer science"

2 of her apps have been picked up by Apple

Her first publicly released app, coded in iOS, benefited a charity calledEducate! which sponsors young Ugandan scholars. Her second public iOS app, called iPort, offered a digital way for models to carry around their portfolios.

On why she hasn't been open about about her compiscience degree 

“The industry makes an effort to reduce the model and, in a way, simplify things. The way they marketed me a lot of times was as younger than I am. They wouldn’t talk about my education, they wouldn’t talk about me…In a way I understand. Youth is valued more than a college education.”

Read more about the beautiful brainiac here!


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