Thursday, October 31, 2013

RHOA's star Cynthia STUNS on the cover of Rolling Out! Peep her full GORG spread!

Cynthia Bailey is just beyond beautiful right? She is one of my FAVE housewives, I like how she seems to maintain her cool and never seems to get cray cray like the others! Such class!
The foxy forty something is on the cover of this week's Rolling Out Mag and she looks absolutely resplendent! WERQ Miss Bailey!
Check out some highlights from the interview: 

You and Peter have a really strong chemistry and friendship, why do you think you guys are so compatible?
You know, we want a lot of the same things. You have to be compatible as a couple and you want to have the same things. That’s half of it right there. If you end up marrying someone who doesn’t want the same things, it’s hard to be married to someone. You have to have something in common you are both working towards— and we do. We like a lot of the same places, travel, and go to the movies. We have our own businesses. We like making money. We like family. We do have a lot of things in common and I do think that’s important in a relationship.

How do you manage to maintain your composure and cool with all the drama from the two Bravo reality TV shows you’ve been a part of?
My nature is that I am not a confrontational person. I am not really used to dealing with drama, but now that this is my third season on the show, it’s definitely not my first day in the playground anymore. So I get in the mix when I think it’s necessary and I sit back when I think it’s necessary. You gotta pick and choose your battles and some of them are just not worth fighting.

Of all your travels around the world, what is your favorite place to visit? Why?
Traveling is my passion. I love South Africa. I love Australia. You know, I get to see a lot of places through my modeling career. I love Paris, of course. I love the Caribbean, I love Angola. I could never just name just one. I got to travel early on in high school because of my modeling career. Traveling is the only thing I love doing in my spare time when I am not working or on the show or working with my school.

Describe the impact other cultures have had on you.
The first place I ever went to abroad was Paris. Paris had an impact on me when I lived there. I got the opportunity to be in another country and to try different foods, another language, and also to see how blessed I am to be an American. When I was living in Paris and I would say I am from New York or America they would say “Oh my god, that’s my dream one day to go to America.” I didn’t know it was such a big deal until I started traveling. [Americans] take so much for granted. Even at our worst, America is an amazing place to live. As much as I like traveling, there is nothing like flying back to JFK.

Awesome! Read the rest of her interview at


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