Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hot or Hot A** Mess: Kim K shares booty-baring Instagram pic!

In an effort to shut down critics that claimed she wouldn't get her sexy back post pregnancy -Kim K clapped back with a very revealing Instagram pic!
Listen when you come up via a sex tape this is to be totally expected! A leopard will never change it's stripes! But doesn't she want to be known for anything else besides "that sex tape girl" especially now that she's a Mama.

I'm sure her daughter will be proud! 

But I wanna hear your thoughts - be honest. Is this pic appropriate? Hot or Hot A** Mess?


  1. The picture is fine but she needs to chill because she's a mom now .

  2. When I saw this picture I didn't realise it was her all I could think about is why are porn stars trending all of a sudden. Then I read someone comments carefully and realised it was kim k and tbh I wasn't surprised. Some people need that constant attention and approval from the world. They will do anything to get it. I am sorry but for me it's a Hot mess


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