Thursday, September 19, 2013

Would you SPLURGE on this $795 Burberry shirt?

Let me just say this...this shirt is SUPER cute!
I mean just look at the adorable hearts!

Doesn't it just exude love?

And all my favorite celebs seem to be wearing it. Don't you just love how they put their own unique spin on it?

That being said...ain't NO way on God's green earth would I buy a shirt for $795. That used to be my rent! No way homie, my pockets ain't that deep YET!

But it is ca-yu-te so I get the appeal. For the rich folk that is. Hmmm would you splurge on this luxe shirt? And more importantly who RAN it? Who rocked the $795 shirt best Victoria Beckham, Paula Patton or Tamar Braxton?

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