Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WHOA!! Beyonce CHOPS off all her hair! Must see pic!!

Beyonce just posted a few pics of her new short crop on Instagram and she looks beautiful!! Short hair just works on her face! 

Can't wait to see more pics! I'm so glad she is finally switching up her style, keep evolving Bey!

Now I know folks were wondering if this was a lacefront but it seems this look is authentic. Celeb stylist Sir John just cut off King Bey's hair! This late at night? Wonder what the inspiration was? 

Thoughts on her new look!?!


  1. As a #1 Bey fan I was sceptical at first about a new look as one gets attatched to a certain image of someone they admire.
    But I'm loving it by the minute, she's as stunning as always if not more.

    1. I know you what you mean! But Bey is such a beauty, she can do no wrong hair-wise!


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