Thursday, August 1, 2013

Oprah: 'You cannot be my friend' and use n-word. Is that too drastic?

Nope, I don't think it's drastic at all. I for one canNOT stand the N-word. I detest it and I cringe when anyone says it. 

Mama O says 
"You cannot be my friend and use that word around me. It shows my age, but I feel strongly about it," she tells Parade magazine. "… I always think of the millions of people who heard that as their last word as they were hanging from a tree."

Oprah, Forest Whitaker & Lee Daniels  recently sat down with the magazine to promote their new film the Butler & have a candid convo about race.
Oprah's co-star Forrest Whitaker says, "I don't use the word. Never did. I've had many incidents in my life of racism, I've been thrown on the ground. I've been frisked. I've been arrested so many times I couldn't tell you. I have no need to talk about it.

Director Lee Daniels added "It's a given. I can't even get a taxi [in New York]. I send my [white] assistant out to get a taxi because I can't."

Lee is so right about trying to get a taxi in NY as a black person. it's always a damn problem. You want a taxi? Get you a white friend!

Living in NY, I hear people of all races using that word and it bothers me. And please miss me with the whole "we took the word back and gave it new meaning". That word is vile, I will never ever in my life use it. Racism is still too alive in today's society for me to get comfortable throwing that word around.
But that's just me. How do you feel about the n-word? Is it ok or do people put too much emphasis on it?


  1. No! No! No! I hate N word as much as I detest being referred to as "bitch" or "hoe" as a "term of endearment." I do believe we give words power, but there is so still so much hate and disrespect in these words. And the ones who still use the N word, the ones who believe they've taken the power away from the word, are the first to be up in arms when someone else who isn't black uses the word. If the word didn't carry any pain and anger, then you should not be offended by ANYBODY using the word.

    There is just no need to call someone a nigga, bitch, or hoe. No need whatsoever.

    1. Very well stated Miss Nonhle!! I agree with you 1000%


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