Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Idris Elba on playing Mandela "If I get judged about my performance or how I sound or how I look, I think people miss the point.."

I'm not liking how this sounds! I had my hopes HIGH for Idris  Elba as former South African President Nelson Mandela but if this is an indication of things to come, I might be in for a huge let down.

In a recent interview with Reuters, Idris revealed deets about "Long Walk to Freedom" the Nelson Mandela movie in which he plays the lead character.

Q: Did you feel any pressure in playing Mandela?
A: This is the first real biopic I've done, and there's no real difference in the process, but it's Mr. Mandela. So that's huge, everyone knows who he is and what he sounds like, and I look nothing like him.

If I get judged, which I will, about my performance or how I sound or how I look, I think people miss the point. The point is that this is called "Long Walk to Freedom," this is the book about his life and it's his own words.

Umm Idris, brotha you got this whole thing twisted. Do you remember the fiasco with the Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard "Winnie Mandela" movie? Do we not learn from the past? If you can't nail that South African accent and key words you dang gone right - we will get lost in the sauce. Yes you don't have to look exactly like him but damn it man you have to at least sound like him. I don't need you interpretation of what Mandela sounds like...we want his essence captured on film. You didn't see Helen Mirren remixing the Queen's accent and mannerisms when she played Queen Elizabeth accent in so why should you get a pass? 
What do you guys think? The movie comes out in November so we will see soon enough. I am rooting for Idris, he is too cute to get on my bad side!


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