Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ludacris's girlfriend Eudoxie draws CRITICISM for gifting African kids with WHITE dolls. Was she wrong?

Social media can be such a double edged sword. Rapper Ludacris's girlfriend found out the hard way this past week after she posted what she thought was in an innocent image

Eudoxie with a cute baby in Gabon
The medical school student was in her hometown of Gabon recently and she published what she thought was a charitable act- gifting children in native country with dolls. But instead of getting well wishers commenting on her account , she received an intense amount of backlash for gifting African dolls with white dolls.

Eudoxie's sister next to the suitcase of dolls 

Folks must have been bored this day cause they caused havoc on her Instagram page with many citing that she should have taken black dolls instead to help instill positive images for the African babies. In response Eudoxie responded:

I personally think this a bunch of B.S. Would it have been a nice for her to include black dolls in her gifting package? Of course! But folks are missing this was a charitable act- Eudoxie didn't have to do what she did. I would be remiss to not discuss the effect that brown dolls have on black girls (colorism, bleaching, self hatred are still HUGE issues in our community)  but that's something that the parents, teachers, relatives have to instill. We can't criticize this young woman for what seemed like a genuine and warm gesture. Folks need to have a stadium full of seats.

But what do you think? Was Eudoxie wrong for gifting the children with white dolls?


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