Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My 2013 Sizzle Reel- God is SO good!!

God is so good! A year ago I embarked upon an impossible journey and changed career paths from a project manager to a now red carpet correspondent/blogger and reporter. Most people thought I was nuts for wanting to get out of the stable 9-5 rut and work in the crazy free-lance life. I remember one former Sony employer telling me "YOU WILL REGRET THIS, YOU WILL WISH YOU NEVER DID THIS.."

I am so glad I am not the kind of person who listens to what people say. The devil is always busy :) I just created this reel for a special project I am working on (pray for me on that) and I just wanted to share it with you guys. I have had an incredible year, I feel so blessed...God is so good!



  1. This was such a beautiful post and you looked absolutely gorgeous in your video. Your twa was so cute loved it! Congrats on your success hun, its

  2. Happy for you, I can only pray that I will one day be as bold as you for doing what you did. Love you.

  3. You are my new hero! I'm so glad you followed your heart. I think one of the biggest lessons we should all take away from life is never to let people impose their own fears and apprehensions on how we choose to live our lives. And you sure didn't allow that to happen. Bless up sis.

  4. 110% behind you Makho. You inspire me to do the same and take that leap of faith!

  5. Thank you all so much! It has been a difficult and fulfilling year filled with lots of ups and downs. Your words mean everything to me, thank you :)

  6. Im on that same path, different destination but same path. leaving a cushy well paying job to do something no one else understands is scary as heck, but life is too short to live by other peoples standards. I applaud you and anyone else who has the courage to do this.

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