Monday, May 6, 2013

3 things we can all LEARN from Love & Hip's Stevie J

When most people think of Stevie J the words role model don't usually come to mind. I mean let's face it, the man is the classic case of a chauvinistic, cheatin' ass, low down pathological liar. Many would think that there is nothing to admire in the hip hop producer but I'd like to challenge that.

Even though Steebie is a total scum bag, the three time Grammy award winner surprisingly has a few redeeming qualities. Yep I said it. We can all stand to learn a lil bit from Stevie J. With that being said, check out my list of the top 3 things we can all pick from VH1's latest sensation.

1. Never Lose Your Cool
For the most part Stevie J manages to remain as cool as a cucumber. So what his baby mama and mistresses are dueling over him and almost coming to physical blows? That's no sweat of Stevie's back...the man is unusually calm, composed and always thinking of a way to fix the situation. He never loses his cool!

2. Be Confident
There is nobody I know who is as confident as the Love and Hip Hop star. When the cast was first introduced to the public last year, Stevie was allegedly broke as a joke. I mean he couldn't afford to pay attention. Hence why his homie Benzino was seen driving him around ATL in all the scenes they filmed together. But you would never know that the 47 year old was damn near destitute, the way he was bagging chicks left and right. Stevie personifies the statement "fake it till you make it"
Stevie J with his two loves- Mimi and Joseline

3. Know Your Audience
Stevie is a total manipulator. I am no way, shape or form encouraging you to be like this. (don't we just detest people like this? uggh..) but what I love about his communication methods is that he caters his delivery to whomever he is speaking to at that exact moment. For instance, is Joseline the mistress ex-stripper actin up? He knows that this is nothing that a slight (albeit loving) tap on the nose won't fix. Is Mimi his loyal ride or die baby mama complaining about his philandering ways? Nothing that a few days apart won't repair. This man is in total control of whoever he is talking to in the moment- and that is a skill we can all learn to appreciate.

That's all I got. I absolutely have nothing else nice to say about Stevie J, 3 is the most I could pull out! LOL But this just goes to show that regardless of how slimy, wrong, sleazy and disgusting a person is, there is always something to learn from them.

Thoughts on the list? How excited are we about tonight's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode?

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